Lahore 220kV electric transmission line starts construction



ISLAMABAD, Sep 2 – The North Lahore 220kV Electric Transmission Line EPC Project, which is located 30km north of Lahore has started construction, Gwadar Pro reported on Wednesday.

The project is owned by National Transmission & Despatch Company (NTDC) and contracted to be built by SEPCO Electric Power Construction Corporation (SEPCO) which is a subsidiary of Power China.

It is designed as an AC double-circuit double-split line, with a total length of about 45 kilometers and a construction period of 540 days.

According to an official, after the completion of the project, it is expected to significantly improve national power transmission, people’s livelihood, and the economic development of the surrounding areas.

SPECO stated that in order to complete the project with high-quality standards, the company has completed a series of preparatory work such as line geological prospecting, path planning and design optimization, laying a solid foundation for the smooth development of the project.

SPECO will adhere to the efficiency first so that the performance of the project can be ensured.

Earlier, NTDC reported that the underdeveloped electric transmission grid is reckoned as one of the biggest obstacles for national power supply. The project will significantly alleviate the problem of poor power transmission around Lahore, the official added.