PM Imran monitoring rain situation in Sindh, says Governor Imran Ismail


KARACHI: Sindh Governor Imran Ismail has said Prime Minister Imran Khan is monitoring the situation that has arisen in Karachi due to the torrential rains and has assured “to take any action required”.

“Briefed PM Imran Khan over Sindh rain situation, Karachi needs special attention. This is unusual and abnormal rain situation which requires emergency response. PM is monitoring the situation and assured to take any action required,” tweeted Ismail.

The sixth spell of rain which began earlier this week has been wreaking havoc in the metropolis with low-lying areas completed flooded and roads no longer viable for traffic.

Despite MET Office’s prediction of the monsoon rain system weakening in the city, however, persistent rain in Karachi since morning has turned the city upside down.

In its new weather alert, the MET office redacted its earlier rain prediction that heavy showers in the city could last until 4pm, saying that now it would last till 11pm.

The MET Office said that the weakened system had merged with another system coming in from Balochistan hence it gained in intensity and resulted in heavy rain pelting the city.

According to weather experts, Karachi has been sandwiched between the systems generating rainy clouds, with humidity from the sea exacerbating the situation.

The dark clouds hovering above the city that are causing the showers are at a height of 35,000-40,000ft. Normally, such clouds are at a height of 2000-3000ft.

Experts said that the high altitude of the clouds was the reason for the intensity of the rain.