Pakistan to accomplish $150 million mango export target: Gwadar Pro


ISLAMABAD, August 27: Pakistan is expected to accomplish its mango export target of $150 million by end of 2020, setting aside the predict that the export will be affected due to the epidemic.

According to a report published by Gwadar Pro on Thursday, the country already surpassed its mango export target by 45,000 tons despite grave challenges arising from the global outbreak of COVID-19.

Quoting All Pakistan Fruit & Vegetable Exporters, Importers & Merchants Association (PFVA), the report stated that the country has so far exported 125,000 tons of mangoes, fetching valuable and much needed foreign exchange of $72 million, as against the corona-revised target of 85,000 tons for 2020.

Earlier, Pakistan’s registered a record high in export of fruits and vegetables was 12.5 percent, amounting to $730 million in FY2019-20, despite the global pandemic.

This is also the highest revenue in terms of foreign exchange generation. During the last year, the export of fruits was enhanced by 3.8 percent while the vegetables reflected an increase in export by 28 percent. Export of fruits fetched $431.27 million while export of the vegetables generated $30 million.

The government took wise and on-time decisions to especially enhance mango export this year through its unique marketing strategies and trade diplomacy.

To export Pakistani fruits and vegetables was almost impossible due to the pandemic and resulting lock downs. However, the exporters translated these challenges into opportunities by enhancing exports of this sector and adopting realistic strategies.

Pakistan International Airlines gave discounted freight charges of up to 30 percent for mango exports to ease pressure amid the global shut down due to COVID 19.

To further boost the mango export, Pakistan embassies in various countries arranged mango exhibitions, introducing Pakistani mangoes to local people.

Pakistan exports mangoes to 40 countries of the world, and by adopting meticulous planning and removal of barriers restricting exports, Pakistan can gain access to bigger and high value international markets.

Pakistan ranks sixth in the world in terms of mangoes production and fifth in terms of mango export in the world, having around 5% share.