Get ready to be disqualified if Nawaz does not return: Chohan warns Shehbaz


LAHORE: Punjab Information Minister Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan has said PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif should get ready to be disqualified if former prime minister Nawaz Sharif does not return to the country, as the government weighs its options to bring back the ex-prime minister.

“Nawaz is neither undergoing medical treatment nor admitted to a hospital. He has been on vacation for 10 months and was seen without a face mask amid coronavirus at a London café,” Chohan told a press conference on Wednesday.

The minister added that Shehbaz took went back on his word by lying about Nawaz’s return. “The whole world knows that Shahbaz had guaranteed his elder brother’s return once his treatment was over,” he said.

Speaking about the Opposition’s decision to vote against the FATF-related Bills in the Senate, Chohan said, “The Opposition only wants to protect its plundered money which is why it did not let the Anti-Money-Laundering Bills pass, ignoring the country’s future.”

He added that from 2007 to 2018, “the gang of corrupt persons, under the banner of ‘Charter of Democracy’ pushed Pakistan close to Financial Action Task Force (FATF) grey list.”

The provincial minister added that due to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts the country would soon be off the FATF’s grey list.