Qasim plant safely operates for 1000 days


ISLAMABAD, August 26 (DNA): Qasim Coal Fired Power Plant has been safely operating for 1000 days since the first unit was put into operation without any major safety accident.

Gwadar Pro reported on Wednesday that in the past 1000 days as per the position on August 19, Qasim project has cumulatively generated more than 22.5 billion KWH of electricity, including 6.036 billion KWH in 2020.

The stable and reliable electricity production for national power grid has a positive influence on the adjustment of domestic energy structure.

Meanwhile, it also greatly alleviates the insufficient power supply and frequent power brownouts for Pakistan.

Qasim plant has brought social benefits to the local region and also the nation.

The project has provided more than 3,000 jobs per year during the construction period and more than 500 local jobs per year during the operation period.

Meanwhile, it has also accelerated local economic development and infrastructure construction.