CPEC projects moving on a clear direction: Officials


ISLAMABAD, Aug. 25 (DNA): As the global economy is still combating the adverse effects of Covid-19, Pakistan is poised to enter a phase of quick, solid recovery via the cooperation with its iron brother, the People’s Republic of China.

According to a report published by Gwadar Pro on Tuesday, the credit goes to China’s sincerity and seriousness of purpose and credit also goes to the people, the government and institutions of Pakistan for developing consensus on enhancing multifaceted economic cooperation with the time-tested, all-weather friend, China.

Almost all the pivotal sectors of Pakistan’s economy, polity and society are on the same page in this regard as all of them are convinced that Pakistani economy is going to benefit tremendously from China’s financial support, technological expertise and experience and, above all, from China’s commitment to strengthen Pakistan, especially through CPEC which has entered its second phase of implementation.

Some days ago, CPEC Authority Chairman Lieutenant General (retired) Asim Saleem Bajwa, the focal person of the project in Pakistan, expressed optimism on the basis of the good pace of work on CPEC projects as he stated that the situation in the region was getting better and that the country was in a position to take full advantage of the work going on in full swing under the umbrella of CPEC.

What is more inspiring is the CPEC Authority Chairman’s recent statement that the direction was very clear. It clearly means that all kinds of hiccups and bottlenecks have been removed and that the CPEC has re-started moving in a clear, better direction.

There is immense sincerity and concern for Pakistan among the senior functionaries of China that included top guys from many important organizations like Metallurgical Corporation, Huaneng Shandong Power Plants manufacturing company, Railways giant NORINCO and others.

Now the world has started believing that the US-led opponents of CPEC and China were wrong in their propaganda that China is laying a debt trap for its partners in Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) and CPEC.

As regards the situation in Pakistan, on the China-Pakistan economic front, it is quite satisfactory now. The revolutionary Railways project titled ML-1, is starting in full swing.

And work on Gwadar, one of the biggest deep seaports in the world, is picking up pace. Ships have started cargo service which is going to expand to a large extent in the days to come.

Work on Special Economic Zones (SEZs) is also going to gain momentum and yield tremendous benefits. Pakistani authorities in general and Prime Minister, Imran Khan, in particular, are giving full attention to CPEC projects.

The Prime Minister has recently passed instructions to the CPEC Authority to ensure that the work on CPEC projects doesn’t get slowed down. The CPEC Authority officials have been allowed to approach the Prime Minister directly to get rid of any bottlenecks.

Iis also noteworthy to mention here that Pakistan’s military leadership is extending its full support to CPEC. A full-fledged security division is working to secure the CPEC projects besides providing protection to the Chinese experts and workers staying and working in Pakistan.