Using Uyghur-Xinjiang card propaganda technique against China: Report


BEIJING, August 20 : Using Uyghur-Xinjiang card old propaganda technique against China, says a report published by Gwadar Pro on Thursday.

According to the report, the western media’s propaganda against China has been exposed after President of the United States of America calling the coronavirus as a “Chinese Virus”.

This ridiculous and racist gesture clearly pictured that how its media put blame on China besides calling it a “Chinese Virus”.

The US is afraid and can’t resist China’s growing economy any more. Using media outlets specifically for the purpose of delivering false narratives on Uyghur in Xinjiang is western media’s digital war tactic against China.

As a part of digital war, what westernized media tells mostly are like 1 million Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps and “Ethnic Cleansing and Cultural Genocide”. Let’s see beyond the distorted truth, and exaggerated and sensational media reports.

In fact, the report pointed out, China has invested billions of dollars in Xinjiang province, modernizing the cities, linking with bullet trains, and near around two dozens of airports are being built and a few already operational.

Having tremendous GDP growth since 2007, as an over 2000-year-old historical region is a part of ancient Silk Road and still having importance in BRI, could it be a region of genocide?

Would a region with more than 20000 mosques protecting minorities’ religious point of views and Xinjiang Islamic Association allow anyone for ethnic cleansing? Uyghur Muslims are making up 40 percent of total Xinjiang’s population.

If China genocides Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, why would they have grown up as the population doubled in the last 40 years? The truth is obvious.

Xinjiang plays an important role in China’s economy and political structure. Many political Uyghur Muslims are also members and officially part of CPC.

Uyghur Muslims have served and are still on important Chinese diplomatic positions even as ambassadors.

The report further said, Pakistan has full confidence in China and the Chinese Leadership. Anti-CPEC arguments or creating hype through media tools could not damage two iron brothers’ mutual policy of economic growth and strategy for future regional prosperity.

On the other side, almost all Muslim countries support China, which indirectly means there are no Muslims Minorities or Uyghur issues as depicted in the media reports, the report added.