A Pakistani volunteer teacher wins heart of Chinese kids: Report



BEIJING, AUG 19 – A Pakistani volunteer wins heart of Chinese kids, by teaching them English in a professional way, says a report published by Gowadar Pro on Wednesday.The report says, the kids of primary school, Suqian, Jiangsu Province welcomed Ali, a Pakistani, in the summer school of 2020.

The 25-day-summer school is a public benefit activity organized by Suqian Yangfan Social Work Organization. Ali is a volunteer of the activity and that’s why he is “new” for these students.

Ali volunteers to take charge of English training as he is a professional English teacher with several years’ experience in China. “Why to teach children? Because I love children. It is fun to teach them,” said Ali.

Moreover, he is good at teaching kids.
Ali said, “Kids are kids. They love to play activities. We have to be friendly with them.”
One student of the summer school said, “Mr Ali can turn some words into a song. It is easier for us to learn. He is also friendly to us.”

As a Pakistani, Ali’s bond to China started in Australia. Ali migrated to Australia with his parents when he was a little boy.Ali met his Chinese wife there in his student days. After receiving his MBA degree, Ali and his wife came to China.

In the beginning, Ali once had worked as a teacher in Shanghai and Nanjing. Two years later, he came to Suqian.
Ali said the relaxed life pace here brings inner peace to him. Moreover, people are friendly to him.Ali said he feels totally at home here as a Pakistani because of the profound friendship of China and Pakistan. To give something back to the community, Ali has taken part in the voluntary public service and he also enjoyed it, the report added.