MKF brings home 1900 expatriates from UAE



Islamabad, AUG 18 – More than 1900 Pakistani workers struck in United Arab Emirates have been brought back by Memon Khidmat Forum (MKF). “After outbreak of Covid-19 thousands of Pakistanis, who lost their jobs in UAE, were helped to fly home under the spirit of service to humanity”, said Chairman of the organization Haji Masood Parekh.

He said MKF received thousands of messages from stranded expatriates seeking to return home and we managed a special charter flight to bring them back immediately and the remaining were brought via ordinary flights. These were the expatriates who had lost jobs due to outbreak of corona virus and they were unable to purchase tickets and live there anymore.

On return to Karachi airport all these people were given candies, blankets, chocolates, ladies suits and five thousand cash as well so they could not be ashamed in front of their family members.

He said on this occasion we are also grateful to Chaudhry Nisar of Alamgir Welfare Trust for his cooperation in making this work possible.

Haji Masood Pareikh said that the Saudi authorities gave permission and we are also taking steps to bring back the Pakistanis stranded in Saudi Arabia soon.

He also thanked his team members Arif Punjabi, AK Memon, Amin Sharif, Haji Arif and Amin Manda who worked day and night to make this operation successful.