Chinese strength is impressive in COVID-19 fight: report



BEIJING, Aug. 17 –  Chinese strength in fighting against the COVID-19 epidemic is impressive, which shows its comprehensive strength of sci-tech and governance. China makes a good response to the pandemic.

We should learn from China,” said Syed Sajid Jan, a Pakistani student researching on the novel coronavirus in China, according to a report published by China Economic Net (CEN) on Monday.

Jan, 26 years old, is a doctoral candidate at Fujian Normal University (FNU), Fujian Province, China.

The sudden outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic disturbed the normal life of many people. But it did not affect Jan so much. Instead, the epidemic made Jan decide to research the coronavirus as he is a major in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

During the pandemic, besides strictly following the regulations on control and prevention of the COVID-19, Jan concentrated on studying the coronavirus.

Sometimes, Jan read at his dormitory or along a riverside. Sometimes, Jan “met” with his supervisor online to discuss some questions.

Besides these inputs, Jan has written articles on COVID-19. “My first article was on COVID-19 spike protein,” Jan said. “I am writing an article on different vaccination strategies for COVID-19,” he added.

Jan told CEN the reason why he could keep calm and focus on study amid the worrisome pandemic is that he, along with other students, have been taken good care of by FNU and its staff.

“FNU has been providing anti-epidemic materials for us. Workers and teachers have strived to meet our daily requirements.
Jan told CEN that thanks to the good care, no single confirmed or suspected case has been reported so far among the international students in FNU.

As a witness to China’s fight against the pandemic, Jan thinks that the Chinese government made a good response, took quick action and undertook its duty.

It has successfully taken a lead in controlling the spread of the virus domestically. The people’s life is almost normal due to the developed e-commerce and logistics.

Besides, the Chinese people also performed well, by wearing masks, keeping social distancing and obeying travel ban.

In terms of future plan, Jan, as a researcher, plans to publish some research findings. Meanwhile, he wants to learn Chinese well and have more direct communication with friendly Chinese people.

Jan told CEN that he has felt the friendliness and hospitality of the Chinese people in and outside the campus for the last one year. “Chinese and Pakistani are iron brothers,” Jan said.

As measures for regular epidemic prevention and control are put in place, Jan hopes to restart his journey of traveling around China as soon as possible.

“Firstly, I want to travel in the beautiful Fujian Province and then I plan to visit Sichuan Province. I would like to have a taste of its hotpot and have a look at the cute pandas there,” said Jan.