FWMC has come up with a cleaning plan for Eid-ul-Adha



FAISALABAD , JUL 29 – Specially designed biodegradable waste bags for sacrificial animal carcasses will be distributed to the citizens free of cost. Public awareness throughout the city And camps will be set up at 4 places for service delivery.

Chief Executive Officer Faisalabad Waste Management Company Kashif Raza Awan told Effective collection of animal waste carcasses on Eid-ul-Adha And a comprehensive plan for their elimination in an environmentally friendly manner Made for cleaning arrangements the Eid plan will run until August 3.

District administration in the city in the arrangements before Eid
Deployment of Waste Workers with Heavy Machinery in All Cattle Markets, Organized by Establishment of hygiene and awareness camps in cattle markets
Establishment of 16 West Transfer Stations at Union Council level
40 awareness camps in union councils,
In addition to cleaning the city’s major mosques and Eid venues
Zero waste operation is included in the important places and markets of the city on moon night
On the three days of Eid, the vehicles will be transported from the streets to the transfer stations with the help of small and big vehicles.
Later with the help of big dumpers Will be moved to the dump site.
On the first day of Eid-ul-Adha 474, on the second day 439 and on the third day of Eid 250 small and large vehicles will be part of the operation flat Effective at large gatherings at the end of Eid
And to destroy in an environmentally friendly way Special dumping points and mechanical washing of communal altars in the city are also part of the plan. Under the sanitation plan by FWMC
For the first time, door-to-door eco-friendly bags will also be distributed Specialized biodegradable bags will help in proper disposal of sacrificial animal carcasses. In addition, these bags will be available at important places and camps in the city during awareness activities. That Operations Manager Ijaz Bandisha
Punjab Govt. FWMC is active in providing best sanitation facilities to the citizens in all cases.
In this regard, the leave of all officers and 4,000 sanitary workers has been canceled. For the convenience of the citizens, extraordinary cleaning measures will be taken by the organization on Eid
And citizens’ grievances will be addressed immediately.
And operations manager He said that meetings were also being held with other district bodies, elected representatives, religious scholars and especially citizens to share Eid plans.To ensure the best results.
FWMC Public Relations Officer Muteeb Virk said
For the convenience of the citizens, the helpline 1139 and social media will be kept fully active. The Eid cleaning plan has been prepared after thorough scrutiny Every effort will be made for its successful implementation But it includes the government’s commitment, as well as civil society And citizens will be desperately needed There is also an appeal from the citizens Instead of throwing away the debris, hand it over to the FWMC staff
And for hygiene complaints, contact our helpline 1139.