Chinese Motorcyclist support slums in Pakistan to overcome COVID-19 epidemic



Islamabad, July 27: To help the slums 20 kilometers away from here overcoming COVID-19 epidemic, Yang Xiaolong, a Chinese motocyclist led a group of Chinese travelers to donate supplies to sulms in Pakistan.According to Gwadar Pro, Yang Xiaolong is a Chinese globetrotter and a planner of China-Pakistan friendship travel.

He has organized motorcycle teams many times to ride along the KKH From China to Pakistan.“We do round trip five or six times every year, and some locals knew us and became very good friends with us,” Yang Xiaolong said.The citizens in slums keep a difficult living standard, severe sanitation conditions, the awareness of prevention and control is weak. Thus, the situation of residents is grim.“we must offer help when brothers are in trouble.” Knowing that the situation in Pakistan is severe, these Chinese travelers were very worried and spontaneously donated supplies to the local slums.

During the period of COVID-19 outbreak, Yang Xiaolong raised funds, rushed to contact friends and manufacturers, paid attention to the slums of Pakistan, went through formalities, made overall coordination, and donated relief tents, daily necessities, epidemic prevention supplies and other materials within his capacity, including 3,000 bags of bread and 10,000 pieces of masks.

Due to the epidemic, Yang Xiaolong was unable to travel to Pakistan in person, so he commissioned another Chinese cyclist in Islamabad to distribute supplies to the slums.

In fact, this is not the first time that Chinese motorcyclists have donated. Before the outbreak of COVID-19, Yang Xiaolong and others would bring food, stationery, daily necessities and other supplies to children in slums every time they rode to Pakistan.In addition to the slums near Islamabad, where they go most often, travelers often find different slums to send supplies.Yang Xiaolong recalled: “Every time we went to a slum, we brought them some bread, flour and rice, and gave kids sweets and snacks. In addition, we also brought the national flags of China and Pakistan.”

Yang Xiaolong told Gwadar Pro that after the epidemic, he will once again rally a team to Pakistan, “’Iron Brother’ is by no means a cold political term. Our friends are there, Pakistan is a place we never get bored with how many times we go.”“Thanks to Pakistan for giving us higher dimensions of travel and life meaning. As a respond, I’d love to do more for this lovely country,” he said.