Asim Abbasi’s Brand New Show ‘Churails’ set to Release on ZEE5 Global



Islamabad, July 27 : ZEE5 Global announces the launch of the first Zindagi original,CHURAILS streaming from 11th August onwards on the digital platform.

 Directed by critically acclaimed film maker, AsimAbbasi, Churails brings together a talented cast led by Sarwat Gilani, NimraBucha, MeharBano and Yasra Rizvi for this power-packed narrative.

She who takes ownership of her life and is unapologetic of her being. She who breaks the glass ceiling and every prejudice that society has created against women. She who is strong, she who is fierce, she stands for what she believes in… she is a ‘CHURAIL’. The show aims to challenge the hypocrisy of patriarchal societies that vanquish women and their rights.

Churails narrates the story of four self-proclaimed Churails who come together to open a covert detective agency to expose cheating husbands amongst the city’s elite. As their operations expand, they come to be saviours of abused, harassed and mistreated women. The gripping and fast-paced storyline covers myriad issues such aschild abuse, sexism, domination of class and race.

Director AsimAbbasisays “Zindagi’s commitment to truly original content that has a voice and can transcend borders, has provided me with the perfect platform to create a show like Churails. A story about strong women, embarking on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment and sisterhood, I believe Churails is a timely show with pertinent themes that will resonate with audiences globally.”

Zindagi, launched earlier in India had built a legacy of for itself for presenting stories that are strong, powerful yet relatable. Now launched on ZEE5, the largest streaming platform for South Asians across the globe, the brand’s first original series promises to take this legacy forward. The show comes with a larger purpose of encouraging dialogue on the stigmas associated with strong and empowered women.

Shows on Zindagi have always been unconventional, real and impactful, I am excited for the audiences’ reaction to the show. There is an increasing need for women’s voices to be heard, and not stereotype fierce women for their strength, or patronize them for their insecurities. Churails is bold, vulnerable and empowering all at the same time.  We couldn’t be more proud of Churails being Zindagi’s first original offering and streaming on a global platform like ZEE5”, signs off ShailjaKejriwal, Chief Creative Officer – Special Projects, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.

ArchanaAnand, Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 Globalsaid, “As a global platform, ZEE5 brings together a massive curation of unique and relatable stories, stories that resonate with audiences, all onto a single global platform. We’re very happy to offer the premium content from Zindagi now on ZEE5 to add even further to this bouquet. As the first Original from Zindagi to go live soon on our platform, we are confident that Churails will be a huge success and strike a deep chord with our viewers across markets”.