Faizan Sheikh to Break into the World of Music with his First Single


Islamabad July 26th, 2020:- Accomplished film and television actor Faizan Sheikh is exploring new territories – ready to add ‘singer’ to his already lengthy resume. The HeerMaanJa famed star just dropped his his first single, which would also feature AadiAdealAmjad, titled Mazedaar

Composed by Wajid Saeed, Faizan Sheikh has written the lyrics for the song and directed the music video himself. Along with a rapidly building acting career, Faizan Sheikh is now making the leap from acting to singing with this new song release.

“Every form of art has always been a way of expression for me. Whether it is acting, hosting, or singing – I put my 100% in all that I do,” said the excited actor, talking about his singing debut. “I am thrilled that I finally get to put out something I have worked hard on, and hopefully, this is only the beginning of another great journey!”

Faizan Sheikh has grown to fame with his knack of playing contrasting roles and his charming personality that shines whenever he is seen hosting. Currently garnering praises for two entirely different roles in the on-air ‘Gustakh’ and ‘HamareDada Ki Wasiyat,’ the actor has proven himself a force to be reckoned with, in the industry, succeeding at various fronts simultaneously.

View Full song here: https://youtu.be/-_L87g6sOlY

About Faizan Sheikh

Having started his career as a model, Faizan Sheikh slowly rose to fame after making his acting debut on television, appearing in numerous contrasting roles. He has garnered acclaim for his noteworthy performances in various genres, including comical, romance, and antagonist roles. Some of his body of work includes Man KeMoti, Ghairat, Ready Steady Go, BabbanKhala Ki Betiyan, and Ab DekhKhudaKiya Karta Hai. He has also appeared on the big screen in movies including Maalik, Parchi, and HeerMaan Ja.