Chinese doctor’s skill, care win heart of Pakistani patient


CHENGDU, July 21 (DNA): “Chinese doctors and nurses are great! Thank you very much! Long live China-Pakistan friendship! I love China!” said a Pakistani Farzana Rizwan and her families in Chinese when presenting a silk banner to the medical staff of Sichuan Integrative Medicine Hospital (SIMH).

According to Gwadar Pro on Tuesday, 38-year-old Farzana and her families live in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. In June, Farzana was admitted to hospital for gallbladder stone.

Zhu Zaiyang, a senior doctor of SIMH, carefully inquired Farzana’s medical history and symptoms and then decided to perform laparoscopic cholecystectomy for her.
However, before the operation, Farzana was worried about the surgery effect, risks, and complications after the surgery.

To ease her pressure, Dr Zhu told her the technical method of laparoscopic cholecystectomy is mature and the risks is controllable. Dr Zhu also shared with her the previous successful cases.

After winning Farzana’s trust, Dr Zhu made an optimal nursing and recovery plan for her.
Considering the daily habits of Farzana, Dr Zhu also arranged a female team for her examination, treatment and nursing, which touched her families deeply.

Farzana had the surgery on June 20. She was discharged from hospital upon recovery on June 28, thanks to the sound treatment of Dr Zhu’s medical team.

Farzana said, “I was taken good care of by doctors and nurses at SIMH. I am very appreciated for that.

Therefore, Farzana insisted on presenting a silk banner for Dr Zhu’s team to express her heartfelt gratitude. For the occasion, Farzana and her families especially learnt how to speak these expressions in Chinese, the report added.