Pakistan is 8th largest camel breeding country in the world in Agricultural University



FAISALABAD, JUL 20 – Scientists of Pakistan History The first artificial breed of camel Successful parenting experience. From this experience came a high breed of camel With preserving milk and It will be possible to increase the quality of meat production Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf This success would have been worthless Declared an important step towards the survival of the race.

He hoped that the embryo transfer Through artificial insemination Health from the country’s first camel Raising a new generation of camels Will not only be the starting point Rather, it will open up new avenues for research Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Agricultural University Led by Dr. Zafar Iqbal Qureshi Department of Therogynology Teachers Dr. Muhammad Salman Waqas, A team of Dr. Anjum  Masood and M.Phil. Scholars Matrija has successfully experimented with artificial insemination in camels This is the first experience of its kind in Pakistan.

Scientists have done this historic feat Semen Collection, Semen Extension Analyzing it along modern lines Camel Breeding and Research Station at Mahni District, Bakker I ensured the experience of artificial insemination. In this research, the Punjab government Department of Livestock and Dairy Development Team members Dr. Imtiaz  Husain, Camel Research Station But it takes practical effort to make it possible Agricultural University of Faisalabad  The team visited the research center yesterday And medical examination of a pregnant camel Halfway through the pregnancy Expressed satisfaction.

Dr. Zafar Iqbal Qureshi Talking to researchers In the next few months, artificial camel methods Breeding a newborn baby The reference will emerge as a milestone. He said that Pakistan  the total population of camels in India is about 1.1 million Pakistan  is the 8th largest camel breeding country in the world Dr. Qureshi said that theology For artificial genocide in the department

Special training and skills are required Which he did internationally As a Consultant Embryo Transfer and Artificial Insemination Specialist Acquired in Abu Dhabi. As a result of this research

Promotion of best breeds of camels and increase in meat and milk Will be ensured. He specializes in animal and veterinary medicine He urged scientists to promote embryo transfer techniques And to formulate the necessary mechanisms for this Proceed to the Camel Paul business Profitable trends can be perpetuated. Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf credited the university scientists for this achievement Congratulations on It is expected that with regard to food security from raising a high breed of camel Increased meat and milk production Will help alleviate poverty at the grassroots level.