PNCA pays homage to renowned TV Star Tariq Aziz



ISLAMABAD, JUL 19 – PNCA paid tribute to Tariq Aziz Renowned TV star, writer, intellectual, and philanthropist Tariq Aziz was paid tribute through  online session organized by Pakistan National Council of The Arts. PNCA is working on highlighting the legendary artist as a cultural heritage of the country who have contributed their whole life to the promotion of Pakistani art, culture, and heritage.

Tariq Aziz is one of the icons whose contributions in the field are worth mentioning. His name was an identity for Pakistan Television. He was an academy in himself due to his versatile personality  said Dr, Fauzia Saeed DG PNCA, and host of the program. She highlighted the film career of Tariq Aziz.

He has acted in about 36 films which most of the people does not know. Clips from the films He acted were shared with the audience. A large number of writers, artists, and his fans spoked their heart to recognize the services and contribution of the one and only Tariq Aziz.

Film critique and expert Aijaz gul said Tariq Aziz was having  multidimensional personality. He was  poet, actor, debater, and much more. In a Kisan conference where He was to speak for five minutes, he spoke for 45minutes with Pindrop silence.

His memory was remarkable. Khawaja Najmul Hassan recalled all his settings and work with Tariq Aziz. He also highlighted his spontaneity and command over different areas of working.

Tajdaar Adal said that Tariq Aziz wife has also a great role in making him successful. He was not only an artist but a great philanthropist as well. His philosophy and approach were to work for the uplift of humanity and downtrodden people of the society which is very much reflected from his acting in the one and only the film “Insaniyat”. He has set an example of love and patriotism for motherland by donating all his assets to the state of Pakistan.