Uzbek humanitarian aid for Pakistan



ISLAMABAD : military aircraft of Uzbekistan’s air forces IL-76 brought to air base Nurkhan special 25 tonnes humanitarian aid to Pakistan on behalf of the President of Uzbekistan.


Delivered humanitarian aid of Uzbekistan’s President comprised with medical masks, protective costumes, medicines, and other medical items and equipments against Covid-19.

This cargo is aimed at Brother people of Pakistan and is given as a sign of support all efforts of esteemed Government of Pakistan in its wide range struggle against coronavirus.

Uzbekistan always supports Brotherly Pakistan and such kind of action once again evidences sincere friendship, trust and respect of each other.In these difficult days of pandemic, friendly countries support each other as Pakistan and Uzbekistan do always.

Two countries always remained together and annually support their business communities to further develop economical ties, governmental officials always visit both states in order to strengthen political ties.