Mayor urges youth to recite Quran


Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Programs regarding the copies of the Holy Quran should be conducted so that the new generation can develop the habit of reciting the Holy Quran, said the Mayor Islamabad, Sheikh Ansar Aziz here on Friday. He expressed this while visiting an exhibition of old copies of the Holy Quran in a shopping mall in Islamabad. Mayor urged the new generation to develop the habit of reciting the Holy Quran.

He said that people are facing a number of issues in the current situation. The solutions of all the issues are available in the Holy Quran. But, the distance between people and the Holy Quran has been increased to an extreme level. The issues being faced by masses can be resolved by reciting the Holy Quran side by side following its teachings. One gets peace of heart by seeing the copies of the Holy Quran, he added.

Sheikh Ansar Aziz said that the incumbent government of PTI is continuously ignoring the MCI. The government is not providing funds to MCI, therefore no any mega project could be started in the city. However, MCI is giving its best by utilizing the available resources. The work done by MCI in current situation caused by the spread of coronavirus is in front of everyone. MCI played a remarkable role in resolving the water issue in Islamabad. But, the government is continuously creating hurdles for MCI, he further said.