Uzair Baloch denies all murder charges


Uzair Baloch, who has been accused of committing 198 murders during the Lyari gang war, has denied all murder charges. During an appearance in an anti-terrorism court on Monday, he said that he has not recorded any confessional statement under Section 164 (Power to record statements and confessions) of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The judicial magistrate must have made a mistake, he claimed.

“I swear to God, I didn’t kill anyone,” Baloch said in court.

The court then asked him if his statement will stay the same if he approaches the high court.

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More than 16 cases, including the murder of gangster Arshad Pappu, who is accused of killing Baloch’s father, were heard by the court. The hearing has been adjourned till the last week of July after the prosecution lawyers failed to attend the hearing.

Baloch was arrested by the Rangers on January 30, 2016. In a statement, he now denies, he confessed to committing criminal activities such as murder, extorting money, encroaching on land, illegally occupying 14 sugar mills, harassing residents, and purchasing arms.

In April 2017, his custody was handed over to the Pakistan Army after he was accused of espionage and leaking information to foreign intelligence agencies. The Army Corps V handed him over to the police on April 6, 2020 after three years.