Faisalabad police broke all records of police encounters



FAISALABAD, JULY 5 — During the first five months of this year There were 41 police encounters in which 66 accused were arrested Forty-eight were killed On the other hand, last year As of June, there were only 19 competitions. But the crime situation has not improved To control criminal elements

Faisalabad police efforts continue this year The first five of the twenty-two

There have been 41 police encounters Out of which 66 accused were Arrested   While forty-eight were killed And captured by bandits Exports of goods worth crores of rupees Delivering to the citizens even after tax They were rescued, While in the first five months of last year The number of police encounters is only nineteen Police criminal elements on the other hand Great actions against

Despite the overall Crime is on the rise. But the number of robberies remained low

According to the crime report issued by the police Five months in 219 While the number of robberies in 42 This year their number is 33 Only one case of kidnapping for ransom was reported Among the five accused involved Three were arrested Two thousand and nineteen in other crimes

 624 cases of robbery, while 860 cases were reported this year , 391 motorcycles in two thousand nineteen While 718 motorcycles were stolen this year , 104 cars stolen in 2119

, And their number was seventy-two thousand two hundred and twenty

, In two thousand nineteen drug dealers 1928 while in 2000

 About 2500 cases were registered One hundred and fifty one in two thousand nineteen

Civilian killings, while in 2000 their number was two hundred According to the police crime report

 Five civilians were killed in the incident They lost about Rs 60 crore in a month This year compared to last year Incidents worth about Rs 90 million have increased 31005 accused were involved in these incidents. 20192 accused arrested While 1083 accused are still out of reach of the police

However, the police also need to make their strategy more effective CPO Faisalabad Sohail Ahmad Chaudhry Told We are honest Serving their people Whatever the criminal elements

I want to give them this message I love the people of my city very much It is my responsibility to protect them We will protect our people.