Virtual Platform can be helpful to promote trade activities: RCCI



RAWALPINDI, JUNE 30 – The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI), President Saboor Malik has said virtual platforms can be useful in promoting Pakistani products across the globe.

“In the current difficult situation, COVID-19, there is an important opportunity for us to re-examine our market and products,” he added. Through the virtual platform, the chambers can liaise with the government to identify different sectors and industrial zones, as well as share information with commercial consuls abroad, the president said.

In a statement, he said that RCCI has also taken an initiative and organized all Pakistan Chambers Presidents Conference and ASPIRE business conference via Zoom video link.

He said that the country’s exports can be increased by promoting regional trade. There are vast opportunities for bilateral trade with SAARC countries as well as Central Asian states and Afghanistan. “Pakistani products are in high demand in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Through virtual platform meetings can take place with ambassadors and commercial counselors, he suggested.

We need to invest in new sectors as well as traditional ones,” he said. You have to advertise your product through the virtual platforms, he added.

Pakistan, Russia, China, Central Asian countries and SAARC countries can establish a new economic bloc, he said, adding that industrialists and traders should take advantage of emerging opportunities to promote regional trade.