Chinese company applies new measures to manage Thar coal mine



ISLAMABAD, June 23 : China Railway Construction Corporation Limited (CRCC) applied a series of measures and techniques on equipment management for Thar coal mine project.

Meanwhile, CRCC also teaches Pakistani personnel how to maintain machines in order to operate machines under a severe climate in Thar, says a report published by Gwadar Pro on Tuesday.

Temperatures in Thar desert keep above 40 degrees in June. Whereas construction machineries are unable to constantly operate under such a severe climate, CRCC Thar coal mine project has formulated a strict inspection system that personnel observe the working conditions of each equipment and inspect operational situations routinely.

“To avoid over-heating of machineries, operators inspect equipment as requested. Therefore, once there’re any unit exception, we can analysis and solve it timely. Even if under severe heat, the machineries can operate constantly,” said Zhang Xiaojun, manager of That coal mine project.

Besides severe heat, sandstorm is another difficulty for equipment management. Zhang said, “equipment cannot resist continuous and intensive invasion of sand. Thus, we have increased the frequent of lubrication, maintenance and fittings replacement.” Through a long-term research and practice, they also designed a sand prevention device for machines.

Meanwhile, 4G and GPS automatic dispatching system established last month, silt removers designed and made by CRCC staff and knowledge of equipment management play an important role of Thar coal mine project as well.

Machines of Thar coal mine project are rare in Pakistan, “We haven’t seen such large and precise equipment, and we have never worked in large mine before.

Chinese staff teach us how to maintain equipment in every detail, including basic introduction, inspection and repairment.”

After professional training, Pakistani employees have become the backbone of mechanical management in Thar coal mine, the report added.