China sends doctors to serve locals at Gwadar Port


ISLAMABAD, May 16 (DNA) – A Chinese medical team sent by the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) is on duty 24 hours at Gwadar Port to serve the local people amid spread of COVID-19.

The team is providing medical services since the outbreak of the pandemic in Pakistan, reports Gwadar Pro.

The medical team has compiled and released a work program to control and prevent COVID-19 for Gwadar port, which has integrated the practical situation here and the effective measures proven in China.

It has also tried its best to raise people’s awareness of controlling and prevention of COVID-19.

The medical team has turned the B zone of charity hospital into a quarantine site. The team has also arranged anti-pandemic materials to prepare for the outbreak here.

The medical team’s head Chen Gang said, “Though we are not doctors on infectious diseases, we can deal with the treatment of patients with slight symptoms and guide people how to protect themselves.”

Chen added that the team would like to use their professional medical knowledge and experience to serve well the development of Gwadar port.=DNA