Quarantine Center in Faisalabad district Jail


FAISALABAD, MAY 15 (DNA) – The Only way to prevent the Spread of the Measles Virus is Through Precautionary Measures that have been made globally, including hand Sanitizer masks, Caution and Social distance in social interactions.

Superintendent Jail Ali Akbar Gujjar told that inmates of Faisalabad District Jail are incarcerated for various crimes and security arrangements have been made to save them from the current epidemic. Corona filter counters at the entrances and exits of the prison have been set up.

FAISALABAD, MAY 15: Health-care workers busy in disinfectant spray inside the Faisalabad District Jail to curb the spread of coronavirus.= DNA PHOTO BY M Tahir

Than 25 corona wards have been set up in the jail. Newly arrived inmates are kept in these wards for 14 days separately and tests are conducted. He further said that random and complete corona tests have been conducted on the inmates of the jail and the staff has not been tested for corona virus in any of them yet.=DNA