Monthly CENTRELINE, a sinter concern of Diplomatic News Agency (DNA) -is Pakistan’s first and largest Diplomatic News, Political Affairs Magazine, being run by renowned Pakistani journalist Ansar Mahmood Bhatti whose professional career spans over 30 years. He has had held editorial positions at various leading English newspapers of the country.

A portion of the Magazine is dedicated to highlight activities / social gatherings, arranged by Pakistani Diaspora living abroad. It’s first Magazine of its nature because not before any Pakistani Magazine had ever ventured to take on these subjects under one banner.

In its News portion the Magazine contains latest News Analysis and important News relating to politics, culture, environment, diplomacy and above all development activities. The CENTRELINE staff makes it sure that the News published in the Magazine never gets stale. Likewise, the Magazine has hired best correspondents at home and abroad who are working round the clock to gather latest news for the CENTRELINE readers.

The Current Affairs section is in fact lifeline of the Magazine. To embellish this section CENTRELINE has engaged top Pakistani columnists, who are writing on issues ranging from politics, economy, public diplomacy and social issues. CENTRELINE is in the process of hiring services of even foreign columnists. Similarly, diplomats based in Islamabad also take pride in writing for CENTRELINE.

Most importantly, reasonable coverage is given to activities performed by Pakistanis living in other countries. Regular dispatches from such Pakistanis and their interest in CENTRELINE goes to show that they are fully on our side when it comes to promotion of such activities.

CENTRELINE platform is equally good for the advertisers given the fact that the Magazine is not only widely circulated in Pakistan but it has been able to capture the international market as well. Contributions in the shape of advertisements etc would in fact help us promote healthy journalism.

Monthly Centreline is Pakistan’s largest circulated diplomatic magazine, which is equally popular in corporate sector, especially banks, telecom companies, airlines, NGOs, financial institutions and institutions working under the UN system.

is the only diplomatic magazine of the country, which has been given prestigious FULL membership of All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS). It Is ABC Certified and on Central Media List as well.


Diplomatic News Agency (DNA) is Pakistan’s 1st diplomatic wire service. It is a sister concern of Monthly Centreline; Pakistan’s largest circulating news & diplomatic affairs magazine.

Ansar Mehmood Bhatti, the founder and Editor-In-Chief of DNA and Centreline Magazine is a well-known journalist whose journalistic career spans over more than 29 years. He established DNA in 2012 to disseminate genuine as well as useful information especially related to the diplomatic world to the nation as he felt the sector is not given due attention in national media. 

                                             Strategy and Vision

Vision Statement

We are struggling to grab a prominent position for DNA in national and international media. We hope that it will be only private news agency in the country providing quality services based on true spirits of journalism. Diplomatic world, somehow neglected sector in media, is our core subject, and we, with the help of our professional team, fully focus this area to seek the ways to have positive impacts on our foreign policy and the image building of the country.

Mission Statement

The motivation behind the foundation of DNA was to introduce an unbiased news wire service to provide neutral information to the nation.

Agency Philosophy

To achieve wide acceptability, DNA avoids overt partiality and believes in the promotion and practice of core journalistic values. We believe in the provision of demonstrably correct information to our subscribers and instead of producing baseless controversial stories, we attribute our information to a spokesman, the press, or other sources. We avoid making judgments and steer clear of doubt and ambiguity. Objectivity is the philosophical basis for DNA or in other words widely acceptable neutrality.

Growth Strategy

DNA, with its bureau offices in 3 major cities of Pakistan, is looking forward to increase the number of its bureaus, regional as well as international offices and the number of its correspondents within and without the country. It dwells more on producing exclusive news stories and photographs especially related to the diplomatic world and by doing so, grabbing incomparable position in the list of news wires.


DNA provides hard and soft news stories plus feature, news and event based photographs to its subscribers. Its services are bilingual i.e. in both Urdu and English.


Almost every leading English and Urdu daily has subscribed the services of DNA including The News, The Nation, Daily Times, Pakistan Observer, daily Dunya, daily Jang, and daily Khabrain etc. Its clients are growing day by day and negotiations with number of national and international media outlets are underway in this regard.

Our Team

DNA has a young, professional, enthusiastic and unbiased team. Every member of the team is a skilful journalist who believes in the promotion of journalistic values. The team is struggling high for the growth of the institution and its members working hard to make DNA the most prestigious news agency.

What makes DNA different from other newswires?

DNA is perhaps the only news agency in the country run and owned by professional journalists. Its team, its goals and its growth rate make it different from other news wires. Above all, DNA doesn’t believe in maximization of profit, and it’s no greed to increase earnings, makes it different from others as every other agency in the country is nothing but a business oriented media outlet whose core objective is to earn more and more money.


Daily Islamabad Post was launched on March 23, 2020. It is Pakistan’s first and only diplomatic daily newspaper. It extensively covers diplomatic activities across the globe.

Besides, daily Islamabad Post also covers regular events as well ranging from politics, sports, business, culture, travel, opinion, human rights, etc.

Daily Islamabad Post is also run by senior journalist Ansar Mahmood Bhatti.