World should strive to lift medical sanctions from Iran: Zafar Mirza


ISLAMABAD, MAR 17 (DNA) – Pakistan’s Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Health termed the fight against coronavirus a collective responsibility and urged the international community to press the US to lift medical sanctions from Iran to help the Islamic Republic in defeating the deadly virus.Dr. Zafar Mirza made the remarks during an exclusive interview on Tuesday.Iran has strong health systemDr. Zafar Mirza responding to a question said not only I observed the Iranian healthcare system during my stay over there but I have also represented World Health Organization (WHO) in Iran for some time and I am quite familiar to their system and I think the strength of Iran is its primary healthcare system as well as the way the health system integrated with medical education.

He said Iranians need to follow containment policy and mitigation strategy at the same time and also a very massive public awareness campaign which is already there in Iran.

“I know about this because I keep in touch with them and personally feel that very soon Iran will overcome this problem,” said the official.

Dr. Zafar Mirza said yes we support that medical sanctions from Iran should be lifted but we also know that Iran has a very strong pharmaceutical industry and to large extent, it is self-sufficient. He said we were about to send our delegation in the pharmaceutical field but it got delayed due to current situation but it will soon go as we are keen to enhance our cooperation with Iran in the pharmaceutical sector.

“I would like to give a message to the Iranian brother that if any pharmaceutical shortage exists in Iran we would be very happy to support them,” he said.

Brave Iranian nation soon to overcome coronavirus

The minister expressing his views said that brave and very courageous Iranian nation is passing through a very small difficult time, I say small because the Iranian nation has seen much bigger difficulties, and they have overcome them successfully.

“I have no doubts that you people will overcome this very soon and I think there is a lot of learning from this outbreak and we should exchange our experiences with each other so people of Iran are much more educated and they can exercise more responsibility and care and very soon they will overcome this problem. So keep it up,” said the minister.

PM Imran Khan strong supporter of Iran-Pakistan relations

Dr. Zafar Mirza said Iran and Pakistan have a very traditional, strong, historical and brotherly relationship with each other. “Our Prime Minister Imran Khan gives very special significance to this relationship and very keen to strengthen this further,” he said.

He added ‘when I met with the PM about three days ago along with your new ambassador to Pakistan, the ambassador presented a number of points to the Prime Minister and he responded positively to all of them.’

The minister said during the meeting PM said that a couple of things which he will be personally following and he is also very keen to develop strong cooperation between Iran and Pakistan in the social sector.

“Iran has a very strong health system, education system, and general social development is quite impressive in the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially in the health sector,” he said.

Dr. Zafar Mirza said we already have a deceleration of understanding between Iran and Pakistan and we also spoke about enhancing cooperation between Iran and Pakistan and especially in the context of the current situation which is COVID19 and Prime Minister offered any support that we can extend the offer to Iran and the ambassador appreciated that.

He said the Prime Minister also appreciated the role that the Supreme Leader of Iran has played in terms of his support to the stance of Pakistan over Kashmir and he said please communicate my appreciation to the Supreme Leader.

“So the meeting was held in a very positive environment and lots of point for enhancing mutual cooperation,” said the health minister.=DNA