Azerbaijan ambassador hosts reception to celebrate Novruz


ISLAMABAD, MAR 10 (DNA) -The Azerbaijan Embassy in Pakistan hosted an event dedicated to Novruz holiday.The event presented Azerbaijani culture, national and spiritual values, as well as cuisine.Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Pakistan Ali Alizade said that on March 21, 2010, the UN General Assembly proclaimed the International Day of Nowruz at the initiative of Azerbaijan and other countries celebrating Novruz.The ambassador said that this holiday has been celebrated annually in Azerbaijan for many centuries and is tied to ancient historical roots and cultural values and congratulated the participants on the upcoming Novruz holiday.

Ali Alizade informed about the national traditions associated with Novruz in Azerbaijan, and this holiday, which is characterized by the arrival of spring and renewal of nature, began with the celebration of water, fire, wind and land in our country a month ago.


He underlined his deep commitment to national and moral values. “ I am honored and privileged to see friends gathered here at my place to celebrate this event,” the ambassador added.

The event featured video clips related to Novruz traditions, national music of Azerbaijan, and samples of national cuisine, sugar, baklava, buffalo, tofu, lobster, pilaf and other dishes.=DNA20200306_193512