‘JI to resist attempts to secularize curriculum of religious seminaries’


SWAT, FEB 24 (DNA) – Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator SirajulHaq has announced to resist the government attempts to secularize the curriculum of religious seminaries and educational institutions.Addressing a ceremony at a local madressah in Sangota (Swat), he said that western world and their agents in Pakistan were bent upon damaging the religious seminaries which were providing free education, food and shelter to 3.5 million students across the country, stated a press release issued from JI headquarters Mansoora on Monday.

A planned propaganda campaign was being run against the religious education under the dictation of the IMF and western world, he said, adding the designs to westernize the society will never succeed in the country achieved in the name of Islam.

“We will neverallow the international lobbies and the government to interfere in the matters of religious seminaries,” he said.

SirajulHaq questioned that who gave right to the rulers to bring IMF-dictated changes in curriculum of madaris when it had never provided a grant of even a single penny to them. He lamented the PTI government made every decision controversial and developed all the policies in wrong direction after coming into power.

This government, he said, burdened poor with massive inflation, made thousands jobless in past few months and abandoned Kashmiris at a time when they were standing at the most crucial juncture of their decades’ long struggle against Indian occupation. He warned the government against mass uprising if it continued flawed economic policy and failed to provide any relief to the public. People were desperate and ready to take to the streets to send this government to home, he said.

The JI chief questioned the need of forming committees to investigate the flour and sugar crisis when the prime minister himself admitted he knew the names of the persons involved in the scam. If the prime minister was really interested in launching a ruthless anti-corruption drive, he must present himself and his ministers for accountability, he said.

Senator Siraj said the country could not be put on the path of development without getting rid of the interest based economy. He said honest and dedicated leadership could bring a real change in the country. = DNA