CDA issues tenders for development of Sector I-14


ISLAMABAD, FEB 23 (DNA) – In continuation of efforts to complete development of stalled projects and completion of residual work in the sector pending since years, Capital Development Authority (CDA) has to initiate improvement work on drainage system of Sector I-14.Earlier, funds amounting to Rs. 9.37 million were allocated for improvement of drainage system entire sector and now tenders in this regard have been issued.Under this initiative, existing drainage system laid out in all  sub-sectors of Sector I-14 would be repaired and improved while in the areas where drainage system does not exist will be covered under this project.

As the construction activities in Sector I-14 are in full swing and people are constructing houses on their plots and completion of residual development work in the sector was direly needed.

Cognizing the needs of the residents of the sector, incumbent management of the authority took up the completion of development work in the sector I-14 and in this connection, work on improvement  provided funding for the improvement of entire drainage system and maintenance.

Earlier, the Incumbent management had approved Rs 210.552 million last month for supply of gas to the remaining areas of Sector I-14, Islamabad. So that work can be started for the supply of gas to the remaining areas of Sector I-14.

It is worth mentioning here that CDA-DWP in its 45th meeting held in October last year had approved the PC-I of Rs 3112.162 million for development of Sector I-14.

Moreover, the CDA management has directed the concerned department to complete all codal formalities for the Improvement and Maintenance of all the major roads of Sector I-14, besides the construction and maintenance of Sector I-14 streets.=DNA