Ex-president Mutallibov calls Armenian PM’s statement on Azerbaijanis’ involvement in Khojaly genocide as ridiculous


BAKU, FEB 16 – — Azerbaijan’s former president Ayaz Mutallibov has dismissed Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s statement, calling it absurd.“Pashinyan’s statement, in which he claims that as if I said Azerbaijanis were involved in committing the Khojaly genocide is absurd. His remarks lack any real grounds,” he told.“In an interview in which Armenian PM refers, I stated that definitely, there was Armenian trace in Khojaly events. I noted that Armenia was trying to further destabilize the situation in Azerbaijan then. Furthermore, the local opposition was also interested in complicating the situation within the country. I have repeatedly stated that I did not say Azerbaijanis committed the Khojaly genocide. This is ridiculous.”

Mutallibov emphasized that the “Argumenty i Fakty” newspaper itself, to which Pashinyan referred in Munich, is unfriendly to Azerbaijan.

“From the very beginning the issue was formulated in a way to “associate” me with this topic. Then I didn’t have time to polemize on this interview. The situation in the country was so difficult that there was no time for this. I have repeatedly stated and I am saying it directly: I have never said that Azerbaijanis did it. By referring to this interview, Armenians try somehow to rehabilitate themselves,” Mutallibov concluded.