Message of Major General Bagheri on Deal of the Century


TEHRAN, JAN 31 (DNA) – Iranian Chief of General Staff has said The unveiling of the Zionist-American plan known as the “Deal of the Century” is undoubtedly a historical and strategic error that follows the occupation of Palestine as a central part of the failed Zionist project of 70 years in the region.Any implicit agreement, silence, or double-dealing with this cruel plan that violates sovereignty and declares war on the territorial identity and existence of an oppressed nation can extend this great conspiracy beyond Palestine to the independence and sovereignty of other Islamic countries.

The salvation of the Palestinian people and the liberation of Quds Sharif and the first Muslim Qiblah are the top priorities of the Islamic world. Divine grace will not only bring about a failure to the deal of century , but will accelerate Israel’s plight, decline, and destruction.=DNA