“Serious steps have been taken to hold democratic elections in Azerbaijan”: Gozde Dizdar


BAKU, JAN 29 – “Serious steps have been taken to conduct democratic elections in Azerbaijan. According to my observations ahead of the parliamentary elections, I can say that the pre-election campaign is held in a serious competitive atmosphere,” General Director of Governance and Development (GD Global), one of the Turkish well-known civil society activists Gozde Dizdar told.

“Azerbaijan has always been seriously prepared for the elections. I was an observer in 2013 presidential election in Azerbaijan. I can say that everything was in line with international standards in all polling stations I visited in Baku. There were representatives of different political parties among the observers of the voting process. This is also of crucial importance for the transparency,” Gozde Dizdar emphasized.

Dizdar pointed out the important role of the newly formed parliament in further development of Azerbaijan.

“I am confident that the people of Azerbaijan would demonstrate their will by taking an active part in the elections,” Gozde Dizdar added.