Corruption kings hijack policies of govt: Sirajul Haq


LAHORE, Jan 25 (DNA): While questioning the inaction of the rulers
against sugar and flour mafias, Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Siraj ul Haq
has said the corruption kings sitting in ranks of the ruling parties
have hijacked the policies of the government.Presiding over a meeting of party leaders at Mansoora on Saturday, he said the government laid blame on mafias for the exorbitant rise in the
prices of sugar and shortage of flour but took no action against the

The government silence, he added, proved that all the mafias were
working under its own banner.It was the main reason, he said, the
accountability drive of this regime also met a failure.  How the ruling
party could send its own men behind the bar, he questioned. He said the
masses wanted to know who were behind the crisis and made billions of
rupees throw it.

He also expressed surprise that why the courts had so far not taken
action against those who created flour and sugar crises in the country
which was one of the world’s biggest producers of the commodities in the
world. He said the overall situation had turned pathetic and
Jamaat-e-Islami was left with no option but to start a countrywide
campaign against the government policies.

The JI chief said the PTI lacked ability to run the government affairs
and it proved itself even worst from their predecessors. He said the
so-called main opposition parties also failed to raise voice of the
matter of public concerns.

Senator Siraj said the government developed a weak and flawed foreign
policy and abandoned the Kashmir cause. He said the Kashmir rallies were
organized across the country and abroad on February 5.

Talking on occasion, JI Secretary General Ameerul Azim said the JI could
no more remain silent on the issues of inflation, unemployment and
flawed economic and foreign policies. He said the masses were starving
but the ruling elite turned a blind eye to their problems. He said
inflation broke all previous records and thousands lost their jobs in
past few months due to flawed policies of the rulers.

JI information Secretary General Qaisar Sharif and other leaders
attended the meeting. DNA