Dmitry Savelyev: Upcoming elections to Milli Majlis will be a new stage of transformation


BAKU, JAN 23 – “Azerbaijan is one of the most dynamically developing countries which is constantly carrying out political, economic and social reforms,” member of the Russian State Duma, head of Russia-Azerbaijan inter-parliamentary friendship group Dmitry Savelyev told.“The key guarantor of the country’s prosperity is the Azerbaijani people’s confidence in quality changes made by President Ilham Aliyev. Undoubtedly, elections to Milli Majlis will be a new stage of transformation.

It is an obvious fact that each stage of the country’s development requires a particular approach. The representation of experienced, skilled politicians, as well as members of generations with a different outlook in parliament is also one of the key factors. The main thing for these people is to quickly respond to the challenges of the time,” Dmitry Savelyev emphasized.

The Russian parliamentarian described the sheer number of candidates in the elections as a sign of growing political activity in the country.

“I observed the elections to Milli Majlis in November 2015. I witnessed the excellent organization, transparency and democratic environment in the elections. These elections will also be monitored by a large delegation which also includes other members of the State Duma and the Federation Council of Russia. I am sure that Azerbaijan will again have a responsible approach to the formation of the new parliament and ensure the holding of elections in full compliance with the country’s legislation and international norms,” Savelyev added.