Ambassadors of Maldives, Italy and Brazil complete term in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD, JAN 15 (DNA) – Ambassadors of Maldives, Italy and Brazil are leaving Pakistan after completing their term. The diplomatic corps hosted a reception on Wednesday to bid their colleagues farewell.Ambassador of Maldives Ahmed Saleem spent an eventful tenure in Pakistan. Ambassador Saleem who is also former Secretary General of SAARC achieved many milestones during his tenure.

He contributed greatly towards cementing bilateral relations in all fiends. During his tenure the military leadership of Pakistan visited Maldives many a time that further strengthened military cooperation between the two sides.

Likewise, in political sphere both countries hosted each other’s high level delegations thus giving added boost to political relations.

Maldives being a tourist destination also attracted a number of tourists from Pakistan. Trade and economic activity during Ambassador Saleem’s tenure also remained phenomenal.

Ambassador of Italy Stefano Pontecorvo was perhaps the only ambassador who remained engaged with Pakistanis on Twitter profusely.

Apart from holding a number of cultural and culinary events in Islamabad and elsewhere, Ambassador Stefano and his spouse made hundreds of friends in Pakistan because of their benign and hospitable nature.

Brazilian ambassador Claudio Lins has heading to Barbados for his new assignment.=DNA