Artists from SCO member countries including Pakistan display portrait work in Beijing


ISLAMABAD, JAN 11– A portrait exhibition featuring works by artists from member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) including Pakistan is being held here at the Tsinghua University Art Museum.On display are portraits including a Chinese miner, a mountain girl in Pakistan, young students in Russia and the herdsmen in Kyrgyzstan.Artists from the SCO countries are introducing their compatriots and state of life to the world through oil and ink paintings, as well as other media such as black and white carvings.

A large number of viewers are visiting the art museum to get a glimpse of the people and the social realities of these countries. Over 100 paintings and sculptures are on display at the exhibition.

Since the SCO’s inception in 2001, deepening cultural exchanges among its member states has been one of its main missions. Cultural activities including art festivals and exhibitions have been rolled out in recent years. The exhibition will run through March 29.