Iran, Pakistan sign border agreement


Islamabad, Jan 3, — Iran and Pakistan on Friday signed an agreement to strengthen border and security cooperation at the conclusion of the three-day session of the 23rd meeting of Iran-Pakistan joint border commission.The signing ceremony of the border agreement was held in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan with members of two countries, including Iran’s Consul General Mohammad Rafiee.Deputy Governor-General for security affairs of Sistan and Baluchestan, Mohammad Hadi Marashi and Balochistan province secretary-general Fazil Asghar signed the border agreement as heads of the two countries’ delegations.

During the talks on the 23rd session of the Iran-Pakistan Border Commission, representatives of the two countries discussed the border situation, security issues, counterterrorism and terrorism, preventing unauthorized traffic, expanding legal trade across borders and tackling the phenomenon of smuggling.

The two sides reaffirmed their shared resolve to address common challenges at the borders, in particular, the prevention of smugglers and drug traffickers, bilateral cooperation on illegal immigrants, and the use of the two countries’ ability to combat terrorism.

Security, economic issues, outlines of joint border markets and border crossings are among the topics discussed at the 23rd meeting.

The 23rd session of the Iran-Pakistan Joint Border Commission opened Wednesday morning in Quetta.

The meeting was attended by two Iranian and Pakistani officials, including Sistan and Baluchestan officials in Iran and Balochistan province, as two neighboring provinces.