Azerbaijan keen to enhance educational links with Pakistan: Ambassador Alizada


ISLAMABAD, DEC 11 (DNA) – Ambassador of Azerbaijan Ali Alizada has said his country attached great importance to relations with Pakistan adding promoting educational links with Pakistan is also one of our prime goals.The ambassador expressed these views while speaking during a seminar titled Education Policy of Hydar Aliyev and Muhammad Ali Jinnah, held at National Library of Pakistan.The ambassador further said, Hydar Aliyev Foundation school was built in Muzaffarabad, Kashmir besides providing materials to Muzaffarabad school regularly.


Azerbaijan Study Center has also been established in the National Library while Nizami Corner has been established in National Book Foundation, the ambassador told.

Ambassador Alizada said the Foundation was also providing assistance and support to different schools, including schools for special persons.

Besides, the Foundation also offered Scholarships and Fellowship programs, for different projects for the youth of Pakistan.

Talking about the national leader Ambassador Alizada said, National leaders devoted their whole life to prosperity and well-being of our nations and they hold a special place in the history of our countries

He said one of the main pillars of their policy for the progress of our societies and countries was the development of education and the correct assessment of its importance.

‘Heydar Aliyev paid great attention to the development of science and education and took important steps aimed at developing the scientific and education system of the country based on advanced principles. The education reforms carried out by him in our country since gaining independence had global nature and covered all its aspects and are continued by present leadership of country as well.’

Hundreds of schools have been built in the country under Heydar Aliyev Foundation`s “New school for a renewing Azerbaijan” and “Support for Education” projects, the ambassador said.

He said literacy ration in Azerbaijan was 99%. Azerbaijan is listed among the countries with compulsory elementary and secondary education.

‘We continue also our cooperation on education with international organization and with many friendly countries by providing different opportunities for foreigners on education in Azerbaijan and supporting projects related on education in various countries in order to achieve all Sustainable Development Goals for education”, the ambassador concluded.=DNA