Pakistan ulema council condemns the US position on Zionist settlements


ISLAMABAD, NOV 20 (DNA) -It affirms its violation of international treaties and comes in the context of the ongoing occupation and aggression against the occupied Arab and Islamic State of Palestine.

The Council of Scientists of Pakistan has condemned and condemned in full the remarks of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo contrary to the regime and the international resolutions, which confirmed that the settlements established by the Zionist entity in the occupied West Bank does not contradict international law !!

The Chairman of the Council of Pakistani Scholars, Sheikh Taher Mahmood Ashrafi, declared that the position of the US Secretary of State crossed the red lines and transgressed the taboo, which is a reprehensible and unacceptable proposition that contradicts the international system and rules and contradicts the international resolutions and regulations as a departed injustice and a blatant aggression against the rights of the state and the occupied Palestinian people against this Zionist entity.

The criminal comes within an integrated system and a coherent series of unacceptable successive Zionist crimes based on the deprivation of human rights and dignity, property, borders and legitimate lands of the oppressed, oppressed and oppressed Palestinian people.

The President of the Council of Ulema of Pakistan fully rejected and explicitly condemned the statements of the US Secretary of State contrary to the texts, resolutions, regulations and international laws and United Nations charters that recognized the illegality of the settlements established by the Zionist entity on the usurped and occupied Palestinian territories from the enemy.

Zionist unjust aggressor who looted the land and tampered with Palestinian rights, added Ashrafi: This American announcement comes in the context of its decisions and statements successive contrary to the international system, which has always  Mrakih to adopt it and advertised very clearly during the past few weeks, particularly the declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of the Zionist entity !!

This is a wrong decision, outcast, reprehensible, unacceptable, unacceptable and contrary to the international system, which I tried to pass by falsifying the facts and trying to publish the unreal false maps of the state of the Zionist entity, including the occupied Syrian Golan within its borders.

This is a dangerous and unprecedented transgression and a desperate attempt to confirm the objection. It reflects the size of the real expansionist ambitions of the Zionist entity and its supporters.  The level of unethical negative thinking from the American administration and the complete bias of the treacherous Zionist enemy occupying without regard to the legitimate rights of the State of Palestine and lack of attention to the protection of its lands and rights and its ancient Arab people from tampering with reward  It is well known that the American administration defends the process of building the Zionist settlements as a legitimate act that it tries to impose on the purpose of reality.

It is in fact contrary to the international system and totally unacceptable. It is a negative step and a wrong behavior that will never be achieved and will result in serious reactions and repercussions that affect the process.

Permanent peace in the Middle East compatible with international regulations and resolutions, Sheikh Taher Ashrafi stressed that the remarks of Foreign Minister Pompeo will open the doors of clash, conflict, conflict and confrontation, and will open the doors for more Zionist abuses and encourage the occupying entity of Mo  He will continue his crimes and continue the process of building settlements and continue his human rights violations and crimes against the Palestinian state and the Occupied Palestinian people.

The Council of Scholars of Pakistan declared its complete rejection of the statements of the US administration and the subsequent steps that would ignore international regulations and laws and do not respect the resolutions of the United Nations.

The opinion of the one contrary to the international system in support of the Zionist entity’s violations of the usurped lands, rights and legitimate gains of the Palestinian people, which stands beside all Arab and Islamic countries, and its position supports all peace-loving countries, human rights institutions, wise men, sages and intellectuals in the world who sympathize and support the cause of the oppressed Palestinian people and support their continuing claims to their full legitimate rights and protection.  Of the continuing crimes of this rogue Zionist gang and the occupying entity ..DNA