Yemen FM says conflict has crippled govt institutions


NEW YORK (DNA) -Yemen’s Foreign Mnister Mohammed Al-Hadhrami has said “The Conflict in Yemen crippled the Govt’s institutions, and limited our abilities to distribute salaries, but eventually we did…, and we were able to [pay] 63%- 65%.He further said, the Govt of Yemen has introduced several measures and mechanisms aimed at halting the economic deterioration, one of them was establishing the economic committee.A lot of people [ask] us why don’t you end the war in Yemen, and end the Arab Coalition… In fact, if we end the Arab Coalition now, Yemen will descend to more distraction and chaos and will become a bigger problem.”

Joined by 80 members of the global coalition to defeat ISIS the Govt of Yemen participated in the ministerial meeting held by the Iraqi and Dutch Govts during UNGA meetings for “accountability for atrocity crimes committed by Daesh“.=DNA