Belarus to take part in IEMA exhibition being held in Pakistan


Exhibition being held as a result of meeting between Belarus President and Pakistan prime minister

by Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

ISLAMABAD, SEPT 17 (DNA) –Belarus is taking part in the International Engineering and Machinery Exposition being held at the International Engineering and Machinery Asia Exhibition IEMA 2019 starting from September 26.

The members of Belarusian industrial giants as well as high profile scientific and tourist organizations are participating in the exhibition.

The exhibition is taking place as a positive outcome of a meeting between Alexander Lukashenko, the President of Belarus and Imran Khan the Prime Minister of Pakistan in Bishkek in June 2019. The exhibition will be held at Expo Center Lahore.

The exhibition is organized in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s commitment to boost its industrial sector, develop Pakistani innovative businesses and promote tourism development.

The delegation of exhibitors from Belarus will include representatives from the national leading companies specified in machinery, chemistry and petrochemistry as well as scientific, technological and tourist spheres.

Belarus-Pakistan Forum will also take place on September 27 in order to further promote and strengthen trade and business ties between the two countries.

The Forum will become one of the many events dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Belarus and Pakistan. Among other things it is designed to provide additional economic grounds for a constructive dialogue between the leadership of both nations.

This B2B event will also provide the Pakistani businessmen with agood opportunity to conduct direct negotiations with the most prominent Belarusian enterprises.

The Forum is expected to allow the audiences to learn more about the economic potential of Belarus and will provide an opportunity to conduct direct negotiations with the most prominent Belarusian exporters. =DNA