“ It was a great experience to visit China” By Eruj Huma


China is a place which attracts people from all over the world, be it in tourism, products or culture. However, for an ordinary Pakistani to think that one day he/she will visit China is still a dream. Same is the case with me.All of a sudden one day I got this chance to have my first visit to this great ancient civilization in June 2019 through Confucious Institute who has picked 30 students from all over Pakistan and with the help of Newport’s Institute who has paved my way to China on a Summer Camp 19 this year.

In order to get selected in this educational and field trip to our neighbouring country and crosses the border for the very first time in my life, I worked really worked hard in order to get opted for this golden opportunity and without the support of the Director of Newport Institute Mrs Huma Bhukari and her auspicious Institute it will not be possible that I ever be able to get nominated for this stop by to China.

The expedition to China was one of the most cherished moments of my life and it was never been forgettable. We connecting nations shared not only the brotherhood but also rationing the traditions, culture and ethnicity. The love and equality which I have received during my journey are cannot be explained and jotted down in words, the emotions and unity can be felt in the inner souls.

Our voyage begins from the city of lights and the heart of Pakistan i.e. Karachi to Chengdu and once we landed on the soil of China it is certainly rich not only in its diversified civilization but also in its abundant historical background. The best part of our safari was the homage to Sichuan University where we were pampered like the kids and certainly their own students, where we never felt that we are a foreigner there. We were being taught Chinese Language during our stay there and one thing I notice while taking classes that there is great respect for Teachers in China as students being seated well before the teacher comes into class which I felt absence in our society in terms of reverence and praise.

While travelling across the cities, we have seen lots food streets and enjoying their local cuisines and one thing I really admire of is the availability of Halal food. We genuinely enjoyed their domestic cookery as it is lavish in terms of ample variety. We have been to malls and seen city life which is again humongous and depicting Chinese enlightenment and progress which they have attained through hard work and dedication. The city life is showing that how much spirited and herculean they are towards their work and how much disciplined they showed during traffic signals and while roaming around the city.


The city life full of busyness and tiring but on the other hand the life in the outskirts which the countryside is also worth mentioning fully of greenery, mountains and river flowing and gushing streams of water which is also eminent.

We have also visited Chengdu Museum where we have learnt lots of things about Chinese Civilization and also came to know different cultures exist there as well and one of the richest and oldest in culture is Bashu Culture which traces its history 3,000 years back and it is still enduring. We also toured one of the largest Zoo in the world where we have witnessed the research on Pandas, their breeding and how the authority is working on the survival of this rare species on the planet.

The extraordinary journey of an ordinary person like me was about to end but the Confucious Institute in order to make this globe tottering amazing they have organized a closing ceremony for us where we have witnessed the great artist was performing and showed us how colorful, musical and artistry this nation is.

The respect and honour we have received throughout our pilgrimage it is one of the most wonderful memories we have attained and also enhances my knowledge and person in Confucious Institute who has shown admirable gesture towards us Mr. Cao Laoshi he is the Director of the Institute. We would like to thank him for making this journey not only memorable but also very informative and educative.


Thank You Confucious.