Israeli forces demolish 100 Palestinians’ houses in occupied Jerusalem


JERUSALEM, JUL 23 (DNA) – The Israeli occupying forces demolished 100 Palestinians houses in occupied Jerusalem area in Wadi Alhomos which is 3000000 Square meters. As a result, tens of Palestinians families have become homeless.This step is to Judaize AlQouds Alshareef to make the colonial Zionist project successful with the support of USA after president Tramp recognition of occupied Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in defiance with Fourth Geneva Convention which prohibited any actions to change the demographic and geographic status of occupied territories.

Israel has been ignoring the  Advisory opinion of the International court of justice on 9 July 2004 regarding building the apartheid wall in Palestine, which is in violation of the international laws that prohibit the usurpation by force the occupied lands.

We condemn Israeli measures in occupied Palestine with strongest words and we ensure that all their actions are illegal and constitute a violation of international law and international legitimacy.

We call upon the international community to stand up against the Israeli move and to exercise its legal and moral responsibilities by taking the necessary measures to stop the Israeli actions against our people.

We appeal to the international community to compel Israel to stop the policy of demolishing Palestinian houses, to compensate the Palestinian citizens for their material and moral losses, to enable the Palestinian people to rebuild their homes and to compensate them for their bulldozed farms.