Palestinian embassy condemns Bahrain conference


ISLAMABAD, JUNE 25 (DNA) – Embassy of the State of Palestine in Pakistan has called for a protest what is happening in the Kingdom of Bahrain, holding a conference intended to sellout Palestine In preparation for the imposition of the terms regarding the deal of the century.The embassy also invited its citizens available to make similar stops and protests in all Pakistani provinces.

Denunciate the American plan in the region, considered it as link in a series of episodes of the American – Zionist project, aimed to eliminate the Palestinian cause, and revealing the scandalous American biased position towards the oppressive Israeli entity and its expansionist and colonial policies at the expense of the land and people of Palestine.

The embassy of the State of Palestine also considered what is happening in Bahrain is nothing but a bazaar to sell Palestine out and undermine the great Palestinian struggle that has been going on for more than 70 years in the restoration of its stolen land and Its inviolable right in order to preserve the Palestinian existence which has been proven by the (United Nations) resolutions and the free international community.

Manama conference came to nullify the Palestinian presence and borders, ignoring the facts of Palestinian conflict, history and geography, which are replete with history books and testimonies from international, regional and even Jewish forums.

The US president (Trump) wants to gift Palestine to such brutal occupier named Israel.

United States of America accused of stealing the land and the Palestinian existence of hundreds of years, denying the UN resolutions recognize the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, building their own independent state with all its resources, capabilities and natural resources.

The Embassy of the State of Palestine in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan stressed that Palestine and its heart AI-Quds AI-Sharif is an issue of authoritarian occupation that does not mobilize the calls and screams of the free voices from allover the world.

Palestine is a matter of a Muslim Uma as a whole, not a cause of a helpless Palestinian people, why notl!l It is the first Qibla.

The third two holy Mosques and the point from which the Prophet (PBUH) made his heavenly journey.

The history is ruthless and the generations do not forget!! And will not forgive the complicity and co-exist with the United States unjust policies of the treacherous occupier.

Thassy of the State of Palestine to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan also pays tribute to the firm stances of the Pakistani people in supporting the Palestinian rights till achieve their independence and establishment the Palestinian state with AI-Quds Al-Sharif its eternal capital.

 Pakistan, along with all its institutions, leaders, different governments and its people, is and will remain the protector of the Muslim massacre and existence.

Our confidence in Pakistan has no limit, and will always remain the backbone of Palestine and the strong dam in the face of all conspiracies aimed at the execurion of the Palestinian cause

 Pakistan’s stances and continuous defense of the Palestinian righr in various international forums are engraved with gold water in the heart and mind of every Palestinian individual.

Hence, the Embassy of the State of Palestine, on its own behalf, and on behalf of the Palestinian leadership and people, offer thanks and gratitude to Pakistani leaders and people

The Embassy of the State of Palestine calls upon the people of the world to know whar rhe American- Israeli colonial coalition is doing and trying to pass their conspiracies.

The issue of Jerusalem and rhe occupied AI-Aqsa is an attempt to liquidate Palesrine and its just cause with the absolute support of the Israeli occupation, Jerusalem has been recognized as the capital of the Israel, followed by recognition of the annexation of (Syrian Golan Heighrs) to this Zionist entity.

 The one destroyed all international norms, human and humanitarian, then they cut off aid from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees as well as assistance for Palestinian hospitals in occupied Jerusalem, yes !!! they did such barbarous and unjust measures.

 The boom conference in they will certainly fail and history will witness the ugliness of their actions and great crime.

The steadfastness and sacrifices of our great Palestinian people, have broken all borders, restrictions and differences in the face of the deal of shame and disgrace, to say we are one people, one nation united in all our formations behind our steadfast leadership, despite all the temptations and threats, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas in his statement has rejected of the so-called deal of the century, through decision that Palestine not to participate at Manama conference.

The Embassy of Palestine considered the Palestinian (No …No …No) to the deal of the Century and the Manama economic workshop as the code in the map of the steadfastness united the Palestinian masses everywhere in the world. Palestine will remain victorious (God willing), and the people of Palestine will remain steadfast in its land, sky, sea and mountains.

Oh People, Oh People of the Earth and all the brothers of Arab and Islam, Palestine and its land, its people and its sanctities are safe in your necks and the generations after generations. The day of reckoning is near for sure! Either reward or punishment.=DNA