Easy and expeditious justice a gigantic task: CJP


ISLAMABAD, JUN 19 (DNA) – Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Asif Saeed Khosa said easy and expeditious justice is the need of the hour but is a gigantic task as nothing done in past in this regard.While addressing a ceremony CJP Khosa said he as a judge and as a lawyer has pondered whether civil or criminal cases should be given preference.He said civil disputes should be solved but priority should be given to criminal cases as people are languishing in jails for years in jails in criminal cases.

He said those who had not committed any offence have to suffer more than prisoners. He said the prisoner may be the only bread winner of family.

In his absence there is no source of income in the family and children without a father cannot go to schools and they are physically abused.

CJP added that in such cases no one is there to look after them and they are ultimately driven to do crimes.

CJP Khosa said first we will solve criminal cases and model courts were established to better the criminal justice system.

He said after due deliberation steps were taken to improve judicial systems and the results were unbelievable.

He said 5800 trials were completed in 48 days and this is absolutely unbelievable. He said this was done with dedication of judges and full support of society.

He said every month one judge would be added in every district to make Criminal Justice system better.=DNA