Diplomats take part in a trekking event to bid adieu to Australian HC



ISLAMABAD, JUNE 16 (DNA) –Diplomats from Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Guatemala, Pakistan, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Syria, United Kingdom took part in a trekking event to bid farewell to the outgoing High Commissioner of Australia Margaret Adamson.

The unique trekking activity was planned and conceived by the General Manager of Islamabad Serena Hotel Michel A Galopin. Michel has ostensibly introduced new trends in trekking.

Diplomats enjoyed to the fullest the splendid “Tahlar Western Ridge Trail” with a gorgeous weather accompanied by a little breeze to bid farewell to Margaret Adamson.

Ms. Adamson was one of the most loyal and longest standing members of the Islamabad Sunday Trekking Team, who is leaving Pakistan after completing her term.

Michel and Ambassador Ivan expressed their warmest wishes to Margaret and her husband Marek for their future endeavors.=DNA