Pakistan’s Sirbaz makes history at World’s 4th highest peak without Oxygen


ISLAMABAD, MAY 29 (DNA) – Serena Hotels held a press conference on 28th May 2019 to celebrate Sirbaz Khan, who became the first Pakistani to successfully climb the summit of the fourth world’s highest mountain –Mount Lhotse (8516 m)without using supplementary oxygen.He completed his summit on the 14th of May at 9:47 am. There were 12 climbers in total in the team, but this is the first time a Pakistani climber has been able to do this.

Sirbaz along with his team was the first to summit Lhotse this year and by fixing ropes on the mountain they opened it for all other climbers.

Serena Hotels sponsored the expedition under its Adventure Diplomacy Initiative that aims to encourage human engagement with nature in ways that test physical prowess, endurance and commitment, mountain activities being a core part of these activities.

his initiative kicked off when Serena founded the Adventure Diplomacy Group (ADG), consisting of 7 diplomatic missions to support the Pakistani mountaineer siblings, Samina and Mirza Ali Baig. Samina Baig is the first Pakistani as well as the first Muslim women to summit the highest peaks in all seven continents.

Mr. Aziz Boolani, CEO Serena Hotels said, “It is a great privilege for us to support Sirbaz Khan on his expedition. At Serena Hotels, we have been supporting talent to promote Adventure Tourism where needed and try to bring diverse experiences to our community through our various initiatives.”