Asad Umar – ‘a man of integrity who dares to speak truth’, says Lijian Zhao


ISLAMABAD: (DNA) –  Deputy Chief of Mission at Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, Lijian Zhao lauded  former Finance minister Asad Umar for his strong moral  principles calling him, “a man of integrity. A man who dares to speak truth.”Lijian Zhao Sunday posted a video clip of the outgoing minister on his Twitter Handle,  and  wrote:   “A man of integrity. A man who dares to speak truth. @Asad_Umar #AsadUmar.

 Asad umar, who quit   Prime Minister Imran Khan’s cabinet on Thursday, responded to the Chinese  dignitary as saying: “Very kind of you. About time we all stood up for the truth instead of letting the colonial mindset lecture to us. For years we have heard them say that the chinese model was wrong and bound to fail. We are proud that china has proven them wrong #PakChinaFriendshipZindabad .”