Pakistan respects sovereignty of all countries: Arif Alvi


ISLAMABAD  (DNA) – President Dr. Arif Alvi said Pakistan believes in peaceful co-existence but its desire for peace should not be misconstrued as weakness.Addressing the military parade in Islamabad on Saturday, he said Pakistan is a responsible nuclear state but it wants peace, not war. He said Pakistan respects integrity and sovereignty of other states.

The President said India’s irresponsible attitude has jeopardized peace in the region. He said India will have to accept Pakistan as a reality, and it must come to the conclusion that dialogue is the only way to resolve issues.

The President said we are a peaceful nation, but are not oblivious to our defence, and the same has been proved in the recent demonstration of Pakistan’s defence capability.

He said the country is safe and moving on the path of progress and development after effectively combating the menace of terrorism. He, however, pointed out that the country is dealing with the challenges of poverty, hunger, unemployment and extremist mindset.

The President said participation of the representatives of Pakistan’s friendly countries including Saudi Arabia, China, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Bahrain and Sri Lanka has added valour to today’s military parade, and this signifies Pakistan’s friendship with these countries.